Dedicated CoD Boosters Is A Call of Duty Boosting Clan Anyone Can Join And Boost
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 Welcoming of The New Boosting Clan DCB

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LaW o MaGiiKzZ

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PostSubject: Welcoming of The New Boosting Clan DCB   Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:10 pm

DCB is a new boosting clan which stands for Dedicated Call of Duty Boosters The Owner Is LaW o MaGiiKzZ Who Hit 2nd Prestige Then Prestiged To 3rd in Not Even 1 Whole Day.Promotions in this clan will be based on how many people u have invited to the clan, how helpful u r to the clan, and also if u help the website by stay on for a long period of time if u have any questions about DCB please pm LaW o MaGiiKzZ or send LaW o MaGiiKzZ a message on xbox
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Welcoming of The New Boosting Clan DCB
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